TMF Newsletter January 1, 2015-March 31, 2015

NEWS! Launch of Updated and Improved TMF Website!

IMG_1453 WEB-2We are pleased to announce the launching of the new Website for The Matzevah Foundation. Through many hours of work by TMF volunteers, we are now able to more clearly and passionately share the story of what G-d is doing through us. It is visually inspiring and features conversations with volunteers to Poland over the past three years. We invite you to go to and read about projects in Poland and how you can get involved (a special thanks to Rebekah Reece for sharing her creativity in producing the video clips featured on the Web site).


Krzepice Jewish Cemetery Restoration Project – July 10-19. Krzepice is located in the southwest portion of Poland. The Matzevah Foundation will clean and clear the Jewish cemetery of undergrowth, small trees, and debris. TMF is cooperating with Rabbi Ellis of the Katowice Jewish community, the local high school, and other volunteers to complete this project. The project will remind the participants of the vibrant Jewish community life in and around the area of Krzepice, Poland. Local high school students and residents will be actively participating in learning about their community’s Jewish history including the Shoah as they work alongside TMF in cleaning the cemetery. If you would like more information about this project, please contact Steven D. Reece at [email protected].

Oświęcim Project – August 7-16. Returning again this summer to Oświęcim, The Matzevah Foundation will continue to clean and clear the Jewish Cemetery of undergrowth and debris from the grounds as well as beginning work on a memorial wall (lapidarium) that will be made up of broken matzevah fragments. We will also focus on repairing portions of the wall surrounding the cemetery. We are excited to be partnering with German students who will be attending a summer camp through Action Reconciliation. We look forward to having them join us in our work in Oświęcim. The schedule will include, as time allows, two half days at Auschwitz with a guide who will tour the camp with the group to educate us not only about the concentration camp but realize a better understanding of the people who were held prisoner or perished in the camp. If you would like more information about this project, please contact Rachel McRae at [email protected].

TMF Board of Directors Approves Board Members

We are pleased to announce the Board members of The Matzevah Foundation March 2015:

Steven Reece

JoAnn Siegienski

Kevin Little


Elaine Brown
Director – Development

John Mark Folker
Director – Operations

Rachel McRae
Director – Communications

Robin Park
Director – Community


Formal agreement with FODZ and FDJC in Poland

In February 2015, The Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage (FODZ) in Poland announced an agreement with the Foundation for the Documentation of Jewish Cemeteries (FDJC) in Poland which will close the circle of cooperative efforts by The Matzevah Foundation (TMF), FODZ, and FDJC. These three foundations will work together in Poland to protect, preserve, and perpetuate Jewish heritage for the benefit of descendants, genealogists, preservationists, academics, educators, researchers, and tourists. TMF is pleased to continue this relationship as we work as volunteers to repair, clear, and clean up Jewish cemeteries in Poland, learn more about Jewish customs and life in Poland in years past, and continue to learn more about the Shoah.

“My first trip to Poland was in 2007. I had always been interested in learning the history around the Shoah, and it was the perfect opportunity to combine my desire to be a part of making the world a better place. I was overwhelmed with all that I saw firsthand of the results of hate and racism. The ways of this world made everything seem hopeless. But after working alongside students from Europe and seeing what we all accomplished together in the name of love my hope was restored. There is a sign in the garden of the hostel in Oświęcim that reads, “There is no racism in this place.” I envision that same sign in Heaven’s garden….and I feel God’s heart broken over the division of this world. How can I not be a part of restoration and reconciliation?” (Comments from TMF volunteer, Cindy J.) 
If you would like to send a financial gift to The Matzevah Foundation, Inc., please make your check payable to The Matzevah Foundation and mail to 7742 Spalding Drive, #480, Norcross, GA 30092-4207. If you wish your financial gift to be used for a specific project, please earmark that on your check and it will be applied to that project. Thank you for your interest in the work of The Matzevah Foundation, Inc.