TMF Code of Ethics

Loyalty and Commitment

Officers and Agents of TMF will support the mission of the organization by promoting the activities of TMF and by participating in Jewish cemetery restoration projects, at least once every two years. Secondly, Officers and Agents of TMF will avoid conflict of interest in personal and business matters and will not seek to benefit financially in any way at the expense of the organization. Most importantly, Officers and Agents of TMF are public servants entrusted with the leadership of the organization; as such, they will not act selfishly to advance their own interests but will act selflessly for the good of the Jewish community, whom they serve, advancing what is best for all and in so doing placing the needs of the Jewish community, as well as those of others, above their own interests.


Officers and Agents of TMF will be good stewards of the resources entrusted to them, respecting the wishes of those who financially support the operation of the organization or those who contribute funds to TMF Jewish cemetery restoration projects, ensuring that funds and resources are used as designated. Secondly, Officers and Agents of TMF will not abuse organizational resources or seek personal gain from contributions, nor will they misappropriate funds and will ensure that they act in such a way to protect the property and resources entrusted to them.


Officers and Agents of The Matzevah Foundation will be people of their word. Therefore, Officers and Agents of TMF will honor any commitment that they make, ensuring that they follow through on any promises or agreements made; they will faithfully execute their duties and obligations established in any cooperative effort or partnership, whether these actions are legally compelled or not.

Honesty and Transparency

The Matzevah Foundation will be honest and transparent in all of its actions as it carries out its mission to educate the public about the Holocaust, or the Shoah, as well as to facilitate Jewish cemetery restoration projects in Poland. Officers and Agents of TMF will disclose all costs, fees, and expenses associated with operating the organization or associated with any Jewish cemetery restoration project in Poland. Officers and Agents of TMF will refrain from all deceptive acts and lying and will instead be honest and open in TMF’s dealing with authorities or stakeholders (donors or recipients) regarding its mission and operation. Additionally, Officers and Agents of TMF will keep accurate financial records and disclose financial information as required ensuring privacy and confidentiality when possible.

Dignity in Outside Relationships

As a public charity established by a group of Christians to serve the global Jewish community, The Matzevah Foundation must be mindful of the Holocaust, or the Shoah, and its impact on Jews and particularly on Jews of Polish descent. Therefore, the Officers and Agents of TMF will not, nor will they seek to, proselytize Jews. Instead, as Christians, we seek to open a dialogue with the Jewish community towards reconciliation. We honor the Jews as the root of everything that we know about God, and for this reason, the motivation for our work is that of loving-kindness and love for neighbor.


The Matzevah Foundation and its Officers and Agents will act justly, being fair and non-discriminatory in its dealings with people and organizations.

Responsible Citizenship

As a tax-exempt non-profit organization, The Matzevah Foundation will not make contributions to any political party or to any candidate for political office, nor will it be involved in government or politics. Officers and Agents of TMF will instead strive to be good citizens of their communities and will respect local laws no matter where they are in this world. TMF wishes to advance the common good of the community through education about the Holocaust and through Jewish cemetery restoration projects.

Cooperation and Openness in Dialogue

Officers and Agents of The Matzevah Foundation will work to keep an open dialogue with the public about its work and will engage in dialogue any party who has a concern about the purpose or operation of TMF. Additionally, TMF and its Officers and Agents will work cooperatively with government officials in carrying out its Jewish cemetery projects in Poland.