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Our new season of work in Poland begins in June!

We are looking forward to returning to five cities we have worked in before to continue the restoration and cleaning of these special Jewish cemeteries.  We love getting to see familiar faces each year and meeting back up with key friends and partners.

Check out below where we'll be working this summer... and yes!  We're already working on plans for 2020!


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June 10 - 14  Częstochowa

We'll be returning for a second year to Częstochowa and working with our partners at World Society of Częstochowa Jews and Their Descendents.  Together we'll continue to clean and clear this large Jewish cemetery.  We'll be clearing heavy brush that has grown thick around many matzevah (headstones).  

June 17-20  Krzepice

The Jewish cemetery in Krzepice is special as it is full of beautiful wrought iron matzevah which is a very unique feature in European cemeteries.  We'll be returning for our sixth year to join local high school students and local residents to finish the clearing of the large ground.  We have a special fondness for the dedicated people who join us year after year!

June 24-28  Krośniewice

The Matzevah Foundation will be joining a group of descendants from Krośniewice to continue the work begun last year in the Jewish cemetery.  The team will address the heavy grass and low shrubbery that is covering the cemetery.  It is an extra special project as we work with people who can trace their family roots to this part of Poland.

August 9-18  Oświęcim

It's not summer until we go to Oświęcim!  We'll be returning to meet up with our friends at the Auschwitz Jewish Center to do our annual cleaning of the Jewish cemetery.  The heavy work was done here a few years ago.  We return this year to do general maintenance and clean up.  We are also looking forward to meeting back up with a local scouting troop and other local volunteers who have been a great help in our work in the last few years!

August 19-23  Przerośl

Another special project is the one in Przerośl.  We'll be partnering with a group of descendants from the area along with friends to work for a third year in this cemetery.  It's a lovely town in northeast Poland near the Lithuanian boarder where the cemetery is thick with overgrowth.  The teams have made significant progress each year and we look forward to more success this summer.

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