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An Update from The Matzevah Foundation

Like all of you, The Matzevah Foundation is closely monitoring the news on the Coronavirus. This worldwide health crisis is coming at the peak of our planning season for our work in Poland for the summer. Due to the current state of the virus in America and across Europe, we cancelled a planned trip to Poland this month for our president, Steven Reece.

We continue to meet with our partners through email, phone and video conferences. At this point, we're still planning on our full summer of work but we are also considering alternative plans. Some of those options are to move projects to the fall, still proceed with some of the late summer plans, or possibly cancel some projects. We are staying up on the news out of Poland and the steps that the government is taking there as well as throughout Europe and the U.S.

Due to the current uncertainty, we are holding off on announcing our 2020 project schedule. We invite you to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay in touch with our plans.

We do not know what strength the virus will have and where it will be most widespread by summertime. The Matzevah Foundation's primary concern is for the health of our partners, volunteers, and board members across the world.

The board of The Matzevah Foundation is praying for all of our friends, partners, and supporters around the world. May you and your loved ones be healthy and blessed during these uncertain times.

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