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Books on the Holocaust

Updated: Jan 23

Our board and team of volunteers are always reading, sharing, and recommending books to each other on the Holocaust, Poland, Jewish history, and more. It's one of the ways we educate ourselves on the Shoah, or Holocaust. There is much to be learned through an autobiography of a survivor or a novel based on real events that happened in towns all over Europe during this horrible time in history.

We thought we'd share our reading list with you. Whether you like memoir, biography, historical survey, or powerful fiction, there's something here for you.

Most are not easy reads. The stories that are shared will leave you unsettled, and yes, angry. But there's truth and warnings to be gleaned from these words today. Learning about this history is a powerful way to remember those who lived it and did not survive.

Join us in remembering these lives through the power of their words.

Click on the book image to learn more about it. Check back often as we'll be adding more books to the list.

Nonfiction Recommendations

Fiction Recommendations

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