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TMF Partnership with British University in Oswiecim

The Matzevah Foundation has been pleased to work for two years with Dr. Caroline Sturdy Colls of Staffordshire University in the UK.  Dr. Colls arrived in Poland with a team of students and equipment to survey several Jewish cemeteries in the country.  TMF joined them in Oświęcim.  Our team went ahead of the students to clean the cemetery of the tall vegetation so they could then follow with their equipment.  

Their goal was to use non-ground penetrating methods to survey and document the destruction of this cemetery.  The results they conclude will help them to understand how the cemetery has been desecrated not just from the time of World War II but also afterwards. 

We invite you to read the article written by Dr. Colls at the completion of the survey to learn more about this unique and critical work.  TMF is proud to be a part of their efforts.

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