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TMF President Receives Doctorate

Updated: May 17, 2020

The Matzevah Foundation is pleased to announce

the graduation of our president, Steven D. Reece,

from Andrews University

with a doctorate of philosophy in leadership.

The board of The Matzevah Foundation is thrilled that he has reached this major milestone. We have seen his growth in expertise and leadership in not only our organization and work in Poland but also in how he leads our team and volunteers and how we personally mentors many.

Dr. Reece successfully defended and published his dissertation and we're happy to share a summary of it with you.

The Third Space: The Meeting of Jew and Christian in the Act of Remembering, Restoring, and Reconciling - A Case Study of the Matzevah Foundation

For nearly two millennia, Jews and Christians have struggled to interact with each other and engage in meaningful dialogue. The tragedy of the Shoah only deepened and enlarged the chasm that exists between these two faith groups. How can this fracture be healed and reconciliation or even dialogue emerge? In his dissertation, Dr. Reece explores the work of The Matzevah Foundation in its efforts to create a nexus within the liminality of a Jewish cemetery in which Jews and Christians may mutually interact and cooperate as they care for and restore Jewish cemeteries in Poland. By examining acts of loving-kindness, attitudes of Jews and Christians are influenced, creating mutual bridges of understanding. This study suggests a framework and a potential model for Jewish and Christian dialogue and highlights critical aspects of the experience of dialogue.

We invite you to download and read Dr. Reece’s dissertation via this link.


Dr. Reece serves as president and CEO of The Matzevah Foundation. For ten years, he worked as a photojournalist before entering religious and charitable work. He is an ordained Baptist minister and is a graduate of Baylor University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife Deborah. They have four children and one grandchild.

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