Hear from some of our friends who have been a

part of our work in Poland

"I first started volunteering with TMF because of my interest in learning more about the history and events of the Holocaust.  It became more of a life lesson in facing the centuries of persecution and indignities suffered by the Jewish people, many times at the hands of Christians.  I continue to work with TMF as a way to become an intercessor on their behalf, to look for every opportunity to bless them, and to show my deep respect for their faith."

- TMF Advisory Board Member Cindy Jones, Tennessee 

"I visited the Auschwitz concentration camp as a teenager and was overwhelmed and haunted by what I saw there. Returning as an adult to work in the cemetery in Oswiecim with the Matzevah Foundation and Dr. Caroline Sturdy Colls and her team was both a challenging and important experience for me as someone who has chosen Judaism--and as a human being. I feel that the work being done to keep the cemetery from falling into disrepair pushes back against the Nazi attempt to completely erase the history of the thriving Jewish community that existed in Oswiecim before the war, and offers the descendants of the town's Jewish citizens access to that history.


"What was done to Jewish Poles during German occupation cannot be undone. But I feel that the work of the Matzevah Foundation helps to ensure that their communities, their lives, and their deaths are remembered. I greatly admire the care, respect, and compassion with which Steven Reece and the other volunteers approached their work, and I hope to continue to help them." 


  - Rachael R., Colorado

"Working with the Matzevah Foundation has been an honor and a delight. A group of descendants of the Jewish Community of Nasielsk, Poland, had gathered with the intention of clearing the abandoned and wildly overgrown Jewish cemetery. Without the Matzevah Foundation’s logistical support, local expertise, and profound good will (not to mention sense of humor!), the obstacles would have been insurmountable. With their professional skill and fundamentally humane disposition, the Matzevah Foundation helped us build a bridge to the local Polish community and contributed to our ongoing project of restoration and reconciliation. We are all very grateful.” 


  - Glenn K., New York

“Too often, the world seems like a dark place, with people’s prejudices poisoning the atmosphere, and recurrent examples of man’s inhumanity to man casting a shadow over all of us. Working with the wonderful volunteers of The Matzevah Foundation at two different sites provided me a wonderful opportunity to see the best of humanity: Americans and Europeans (including Poles) working together to bring light to the world by trying to repair some of the physical damage of the past. The Matzevah Foundation group are truly a set of beautiful souls that I was privileged to spend time with, bonding over hard work, discussions of faith, and shared humor. Everyone of my family and friends who worked in Poland felt we were part of one of the most meaningful experiences of our lives.”

- Dan O., Connecticut

"Steven and Kevin are a joy to work with, both due to their knowledge and experience and due to their dedication and pleasant personalities.  Both groups I have brought to Przerosl have really been appreciative of their and of The Matzevah Foundation’s support and friendship. I personally have learned a great deal from Steven about interacting with the local authorities."   


- Hatte B., California

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