Our Mission

The Matzevah Foundation seeks to remember and honor the Jewish heritage of Poland that was once a vital and vibrant part of the country before the Shoah (the Holocaust).  We do this through a variety of means including Jewish cemetery restorations, commemorations of mass graves and cemeteries, and through education.


2020 Projects

May 2020 Update:

We are sad to announce the cancellation of our summer projects in Poland. Due to the continuing effects of the Covid-19 virus, it is in the best interest of our team, volunteers, and friends that we cancel. 

Read our official statement here

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Check out a review of our 2019 projects by visiting our Summer 2019 Project Review.

Dan O., Connecticut

Working with the wonderful volunteers of The Matzevah Foundation at two different sites provided me a wonderful opportunity to see the best of humanity: Americans and Europeans (including Poles) working together to bring light to the world by trying to repair some of the physical damage of the past.

Rachael R., Colorado

What was done to Jewish Poles during German occupation cannot be undone. But I feel that the work of the Matzevah Foundation helps to ensure that their communities, their lives, and their deaths are remembered.

Cindy J., Tennessee

I first started volunteering with TMF because of my interest in learning more about the history and events of the Holocaust.  It became more of a life lesson in facing the centuries of persecution and indignities suffered by the Jewish people...

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